So why choose Dr. Zelko at ZBodySculpt?


Fees Pricing

Our fees are competitive and we offer payment plans. We accept credit cards for full or partial payment. We also offer special pricing when groups come in for a consultation, as well as occasional special deals through our Newsletter 

Safe, Gentle & Effective

We only perform the safest, most gentle and effective liposuction technique – Tickle Lipo. With Tickle Lipo, patients experience significantly less swelling and bruising as opposed to traditional liposuction. Out of the many liposuction techniques, Tickle Lipo is by far the best. It’s specific, precise, safe and proven effective. As long as patients maintain their health and weight, results are permanent with Tickle Lipo. For patients who do not want any incisions we also offer minimally-invasive Lipo called Fractora Firm that safely melts away fat and tightens skin through radio frequency waves. Even our surgical Tummy Tuck procedure uses a gentler, less-invasive technique so that patients are alert and experience less trauma and recovery than traditional liposuction and cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations to ensure that you are a candidate for cosmetic surgery. Ideal candidates are at a stable weight, not on any prescription medications, have noticeable areas of fat, and do not view cosmetic surgery as a weight loss alternative. We request a free consultation with each patient to determine if cosmetic surgery is the right thing for you … and if now is the right time. We want you to be happy with the results of the procedure and know exactly what to expect. 

Physician Experience

Dr. Zelko is recognized as one of the top Tickle Lipo physicians in the country. He has performed every type of in-office liposuction throughout this career, and chosen to exclusively offer Tickle Lipo because of its safety and effectiveness. Dr. Zelko trains other physicians on Tickle Lipo. 

Minimal Downtime and Pain

Tickle Lipo only requires light sedation and recovery periods are generally much shorter than traditional liposuction procedures. Fractora Firm Minimally-Invasive Lipo requires zero sedation, and zero recovery time. Our liposuction methods allow patients to see quick results and experience no pain when undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures. 

Experts in Tickle Lipo

Dr. Zelko has trained other physicians on VASER, Laser & Tickle Lipo. We’re the experts when it comes to Liposuction in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. Our patients are extremely pleased with their new sculpted bodies and higher self-confidence thanks to our gentle, precise liposuction procedures.