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These results are not typical of everyone who uses our services. Individual results may vary.

What is Silhouette Lift™?


Silhouette Lift™ is a new face lift procedure, ideal for men and women who want an alternative to traditional surgical face lift. Dr. Zelko is excited to offer this revolutionary technique, which can be performed in about an hour, in the comfort of our Milwaukee or Chicago treatment center.

Written Testimonial

To the Miracle Man-You did a wonderful job. I have no regrets about having had this done. My rolls of fat were very uncomfortable for me. My shape has already improved dramatically with the body sculpting and it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks. These results are not typical of everyone who uses our services. Individual results may vary.
Linda Olson


What is Silhouette Lift™

FDA approved in 2006, Silhouette Lift™ is a non-surgical face lift procedure used to lift and reposition sagging tissue in the mid-face. What makes Silhouette Lift™ so innovative is the Silhouette Mid-face Sutures™, suspension sutures made of polypropylene, a bio-compatible material with resorbable cones. This type of suture has been used in cardiovascular and ophthalmic surgery for many years and is FDA for market use and are CE marked in the European Union.

About the Silhouette Lift™ Procedure

Silhouette Lift™ is a relatively simple procedure, complete in about an hour. First, the patient is given a local anesthesia. Next, Dr. Zelko makes a mini incision along the hairline and inserts the Silhouette Sutures™. The sutures are anchored into the facial tissue and fastened to the temporal area.

Silhouette Lift™ vs. Traditional Facelift

Silhouette Lift™ is an excellent alternative to a traditional face lift. While Silhouette Lift™ does not replace a traditional face lift, it can be used for patients with early signs of aging and for those who want to delay a surgical face lift procedure.

Silhouette Lift™ results are immediate, patients are able to resume normal activities within two to four days. It generally takes 10 days for a full recovery. Silhouette Lift™ will last about three to four years. It is possible to re-tighten the lift after three years through a simple, 20 minute outpatient procedure.

Experience You Can Trust

Silhouette Lift™ is performed only by trained and certified physicians. Dr. Zelko is a cosmetic surgeon with over 24 years of experience. He has undergone special training to learn about the science and technique behind Silhouette Lift™ to offer it to his patients.

Free Consultations

Dr. Zelko offers free consultations for Silhouette Lift™ at his Milwaukee and Chicago treatment centers. Ideal patients for Silhouette Lift™ should be in overall good health, seeking a non-surgical face lift.

During your consultation, Dr. Zelko will review your medical history and desired goals to determine if Silhouette Lift™ is right for you…and if now is the right time. We want you to be happy with the results of the procedure and know exactly what to expect.

For more information about the Silhouette Lift™, Request a free, no-obligation consultation or give us a call at 888-837-5476. We look forward to answering any questions you have.


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