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Fractora FIRM…

Non Invasive Lipo, in Milwaukee and Chicago

For Non Invasive Lipo, in Milwaukee and Chicago, the specialists at ZBodySculpt, are happy to provide this alternative treatment, known as Fractora Firm for our clients. Traditional liposuction has helped many people get the contour that they want in various areas of their bodies, but some are hesitant about going through an invasive procedure. Fortunately, there is the option of Radio Frequency (RF) fat reduction.  This procedure is a safe and effective form of fat reduction.

At ZBodySculpt, we offer free initial consultations for clients who are interested in having a Non Invasive procedure performed. We’ll take the time to explain the procedure to you in depth and answer all of your questions.

Non Invasive Liposuction

The Fractora Firm procedure differs from traditional liposuction in that there are no incisions necessary. Rather than removing fat with a suction device, we target the treatment areas with Radio Frequency (RF) waves, which releases, through gentle heating, the contents from the fat cell. The fatty contents in the fat cells leak into the extracellular space (the space outside the fat cell) which is then removed from your body by your liver.  A positive aspect of this procedure is the heat from the Radio Frequency (RF) waves also stimulates the body to produce collagen in the treated areas, which naturally tightens and smooths the skin.

The Fractora Firm Procedure

For Non Invasive Lipo, known as the Fractora FIRM procedure, you’ll find top-quality treatment at ZBodySculpt, in both our Milwaukee and Chicago offices. Whether you need fat reduced in your hips, arms, chin or thighs, we can help! Treatment usually takes about 45 minutes.

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