100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


We are offered a guarantee when we purchase a Phone, a Dishwasher, our cars, and even our homes! But for some reason, the Liposuction industry has decided they know better and that there should not be a guarantee on your happiness. Dr. Zelko feels, operates, and acts different than most cosmetic surgeons. Having come from the medical field, he clearly understands that you must be happy at all times. This is why he is proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all clients. Over the past 6 years, Dr Zelko has PERSONALLY performed hundreds and hundreds of office based liposuction procedures, on beautiful women of all shape and sizes. Since July 2010, he has exclusively offered Tickle Lipo, due to the fact that The Tickle Lipo equipment is much safer, gentler and more precise than any other available. Having used VASER, SmartLIpo, CoolLipo, ProLIpo, SlimLipo, and BodyJet, his confidence in Tickle Lipo is so high, that he is proud to offer a guarantee that no other office would be willing to honor. Your 100% complete and total satisfaction.