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Zelko-family-fDuring his career Dr Timothy Zelko has been praised by numerous state, local, and trade agencies. His work as a trusted OBGYN for over 23 years has earned him the respect of thousands.


His willingness to do what “others would not”, won him the respect of the State of Wisconsin who actually requested that he not retire from his OBGYN practice for fear of not finding another that could fill his amazing ability to care for patients.


At the peak, Dr Zelko has performed over 300 births in a single year, three times what is considered average for his specialty. He is proud of his accomplishments and valued every moment as a pinnacle of his community.


After a tremendously successful 23 year OBGYN practice and having delivered thousands of healthy children, Dr Timothy Zelko made the decision to continue his support for the beauty of motherhood beyond childbirth.


The overwhelming requests for “can you remove just a little more skin while your down there” during C-section procedures led him to seriously consider offering affordable solutions for this and other common problems many new and repeat mothers face.


Dr Zelko’s wife Kim and 6 children Tyler, Ian, Lucas, Noah, Sydney and Allie were all extremely supportive of his decision to continue his journey through medicine and helping families. His family knew that their father would always do what was best for every patient and for the betterment of all.


Years of research went into the final decision to use Tickle Lipo Sculpture for the cornerstone of his new practice. It was Dr Zelko’s greatest desire to have his patients awake and aware during any procedure that he performed. For this reason Tickle quickly became the obvious choice. As an added benefit the procedure was more comfortable and gentle than “standard liposuction”.


With a primary concern of safety, the procedure met and exceeded every front of Dr Zelko’s rigorous quality requirements. To be sure his decision was and stays the best decision available, Dr Zelko has also performed every other liposuction procedure known, and continues to come back to Tickle Lipo as the hands down, overall best procedure available today. His practice is proud to be one of the top 3 Tickle Lipo practices in the United States, with rumors that it just may be the top practice for number of procedures performed.


Dr. Zelko is a faculty member of The Society of Aesthetics in Medicine and offers monthly courses to physicians in Tumescent Technique (the local anesthesia used during the procedure) and Office Liposuction. He takes great pride in this appointment and feels honored to shape the future experiences for his students and their patients. He currently devotes all his practice time to the delivery of aesthetic medicine. While his years as an obstetrician/gynecologist allowed him to develop a gentle and empathetic bedside manner, it also enabled him to perfect his surgical skills and enhance his ability to communicate and educate his patients.


All of this experience translates into an exceptional outcome for his current patients…. both men and women alike. Dr Zelko’s most common procedures include; Love Handles, Muffin Tops, Abdomens, Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs, Hips, Buttocks, The Chin, Chests, Upper Arms, Back Rolls and Cankles, but as you have probably already determined, Dr Zelko has performed nearly any procedure you desire.


To speak with Dr Zelko personally, please call us today at 1-888-8DrLIPO and set up your FREE consultation. Watch the interview with Dr. Zelko on why he closed his OBGYN practice and found himself helping mothers in the next stage of life.




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